Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School holidays

It's the school holidays, which means that I have my two kids at home with me full time. Which means less time for me to focus on my etsy shop and to get things done. Which means that I have to grab short bursts of time to do things and mostly never get things finished.

I have so many ideas of things I want to do with my etsy shop but right now I am trying to get time to take photos of the leggings I have in stock and to start sewing the other new product I want to put up - more later! I am also desperately searching for fabric. I had some blue and white, and red and white striped fabric which I made into leggings when we were in Australia. The red ones are modeled below on my son, Ollie. He must have been about 18 months old then, and funnily enough he is still wearing these pants. I have made them into shorts now, by cutting them off and hemming them, but otherwise they still fit him perfectly and he is now four and a half!

These sold really well and I want to re-launch them on etsy. However I have run out of the fabric, and cannot find it anywhere. I have spent so many hours trawling on-line fabric stores and visiting the stores I can find in Houston - with no luck. Of course, I actually really enjoy doing this, so no complaints really - just wish I could find what I want!

I love sewing with knit fabrics, in some ways I find them much easier than sewing woven cotton, but finding the right patterns on knits is difficult. I keep thinking I should just change products and use all those gorgeous cotton fabrics out there, but I will persist!