Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo dilemmas...!

I've been trying to work on taking new photos for etsy. You wouldn't think it was hard to take a photo of some Knickers or leggings, but it is! Now I don't have a live model that fits into my Knickers, dresses or leggings I have to rely on my very old and sad dummy, Daisy - she with no head, who doesn't stand up properly. Or I have to try and arrange them somehow to try and make them look good. Very hard.

I don't have much empty wall space to line Daisy up against, so I've tried to rig up a black sheet against the kids toy shelf. Then, to put the clothes on Daisy, lie them flat or to hang them? What looks good when I set it up, somehow looks so flat, dull, and well, blah when I look at it on the computer. See my poor Daisy and temporary photo studio here. Leggings yet to be listed on etsy.

So I did some other sewing instead. I made this swim robe for Ollie.

I bought the pattern from Dana Made It one of my favourite sewing/craft/mum blogs at the moment. I made it from an Ikea towel, which was a bit hard to overlock as it was so thick. I think it is actually a bit small for Ollie, but he loves it - so next time we are in the pool we'll be trying it out. I think we will probably use it for after bath time too.

I've been finding so many fantastic blogs out there of amazing women doing fantastic sewing/craft/home organising things. I'll list them another day, but I'm sure I'm spending far too much time reading, and not enough doing at the moment...! Talking of which, off to do...!