Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bootie trials

So the other week I decided I wanted to try out making some baby booties. I'd seen some really cute ones somewhere and figured I could do just as well. I got out some red fleece that I had left over from making my kids Christmas stockings, and thought some nice soft booties would be good. So here's my first attempt, not too bad - but I realised afterwards that I'd put one sole on upside down so the shape was all wrong. These were very easy to sew, and in different colour combinations could look really cute. One that I'll keep for use one day, for friends babies.

Then I thought I'd try something a little more structured, and voila the flowery Mary Jane.

Quite cute I thought, just using up some flannel fabric from Joann's that I'd used to make my daughter's bean bag from, and lined in a pink flannel gingham. I liked the overall shape of the 'shoe' but didn't like the inside.

All those exposed seams, not good on little feet and toes, and are just plain ugly and messy. So I thought I would line it properly, basically just attaching the soles differently so the seams are turned under. So, cue shoe number 2:

Similar from the outside, but it's the inside detail that counts.

Much better for little toes. Theoretically these could also be reversible, especially if you were so inclined to join the seam inside carefully with hand stitching, rather than whizzing it through the machine! So a pleasant afternoon sewing, but I think overall they are just too fiddly for me. This was the largest size too, so I hate to think how fiddly a newborn size would be.

When I'd finished sewing them I bought them downstairs and had them sitting on the kitchen bench - admiring my handiwork. Forgot about them sitting there until my husband came home, took one look at them and asked if there was something I hadn't told him!!!! Ha ha ha!! And no, there isn't, and no I am not!!!!

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